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What to Wear this S/S 2016

January 26, 2016

Okay, so I definitely have a twist to my style and I love it because it’s what makes me! But I do have to admit that my style is not completely original. No one today is original. Okay, that’s a lie. The Weeknd is original. The Canadian _____ (insert genre of music) star literally created his own genre of music! I’m still waiting for the release of its name. He’s got to hurry up with that one. But that’s music and I’m talking fashion here, so yeah, no one today is original. My style is constantly influenced by what has been, what is and what will be. We all know fashion has that cycle of repeating itself, whether it’s span is long or short, it still makes it to the chart.

Let’s talk about all the sweet trends that will be reappearing this year.

According to ELLE Magazine, these are all the trends they spotted on the runway for the upcoming seasons. Well some of them. These are my favorites from their favorites.

1. Paperbag Waist

I’m sure you get it. Squeeze a paper bag and it ends up looking like the waist bands of these garments. These were two of my favorites. On the left is by designer, Phillip Lim and on the right is by designer, Tibi.
2. Spanish Influences
I really like this one because it reminds me one of my utmost favorite designer, Dolce & Gabbana. Why my fav? It’s the authenticity that comes from it. It’s real and they always bring so much detail into each custom piece. Proenza Schouler is the designer on the left, Diane von Furstenberg is center, and Michael Kors is on the right.
3. Suede
Once again suede has made it to the list! This one caught my eye because it’s the prettiest pastel ever created! And the fringes. Let’s not forget the fringes, another thing trending this S/S16. This whole outfit has a complete 70’s vibe, the decade I should’ve lived in my adolescence. Rebecca Minkoff won me over with this one.
4. The X-Factor
Well duh they call this one the X-Factor, what else would you call it? The Criss-Cross??? No. That’s so not intimidating. I love these daring looks. They take me back to the Greek/Roman Empire women. But of course these have a complete different twist. Lol, get it? Designer on the left is Givenchy, another one of my favorites, ADEAM is the designer for the piece in the middle, and Derek Lam is the designer on the right.
5. The Flat Mule
Alright now, what do these remind you of? I hope you said Chinese slippers. And not the actual ones, but these actual ones:
Re-occuring trends with completely different designs. Man, I love fashion.
Designers/Brands left to right: Trademark, Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Edun.
6. The Color of the Season
Yes, y’all! It’s orange. And that’s all I got to say.
Designers left to right: Dion Lee, Adam Selman, Baja East, Veronica Beard, Altuzzara. 
But to continue, ELLEs team named quite a few things that were specific trends. I’m going to point out a few things that were a little bit more obvious to me.
1. Loose clothes, literally nothing was skin tight
2. Flowing garments
3. Rectangular silhouettes
4. Bright colors
5. Bold prints
6. Detail, lots of detail
7. High neck lines
If you ask me, it seems our clothes are becoming more modest and less provocative. That makes me happy. Bye bad biddies!

Jk, I can’t be eliminated.

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