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Triumphs of Art Expression

January 9, 2016
Visual Arts has always been something close to me. Various ways to show thoughts, ideas and talents to the world, have given me endless opportunities to express how it makes me feel.

Asheville has provided opportunities to challenge myself.

Photography and film have given me the key to evoke parts of me that I’ve kept in the shadows. It’s driven me to explore different creative processes, talk to new people, travel and most importantly, strengthen my character. Putting a team together in order to create a visual always gives me a feeling beyond satisfaction.
Living in Asheville has provided opportunities for me to challenge myself and improve my work. I conducted my first studio photo shoot at Studio27 in the Arts District of Asheville.

It was an amazing experience with great people who, along with myself, wanted the success of the project. For this project, I decided to use the combination of natural skin tones with neon colored makeup and pastel backdrops. During the editing process, I tweaked the color hues to create an abstract mood. 

Models: Jess Williamson and Miranda Lampke
Makeup Artist: Allie Pleper 
Photos By: Makena Mambo

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