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Creation, Collaboration & Inclusion: The Shakeout In Photos!

October 31, 2016

The Shakeout was an AMAZING SUCCESS! We got together with a couple of our closest creative friends: 828 Today, XIV Vintage, Different World, and DJs from Public Life to put together a day party & pop-up at New Mountain AVL on October 30th! Not only did we have a great turn out, but we realized how much power and love comes with coming together as young creatives trying to make it! At the LET IT BE YOURS booth, we had handmade chokers by Christy, and photo prints by Makeda. We also set up a fun photobooth to capture the beautiful faces that showed up. Thank you so much again for making our first event a huge success! Share the photobooth pictures online with the hashtag #theshakeout for a follow!img_5865 img_5867 img_5869 img_5871 img_5873 img_5877 img_5879 img_5881 img_5884 img_5887 img_5889 img_5896 img_5897 img_5900 img_5901 img_5908 img_5915 img_5924 img_5926 img_5932 img_5936 img_5941 img_5945 img_5948 img_5960 img_5963 img_5965 img_5967 img_5985 img_5988 img_5991 img_6000 img_6002 img_6024 img_6026 img_6022 img_6030 img_6037 img_6041 img_6039 img_6045 img_6048 img_6055 img_6059 img_6064 img_6068 img_6071 img_6076 img_6078 img_6085 img_6091 img_6114 img_6106 img_6127 img_6132 img_6136 img_6134 img_6140 img_6146 img_6144 img_6145 img_6178 img_6182 img_6191 img_6185 img_6194 img_6192 img_6197 img_6200 img_6202 img_6208 img_6213 img_6227 img_6231 img_6233 img_6241 img_6243 img_6238 img_6237 img_6249 img_6250 img_6257 img_6263 img_6264 img_6269 img_6275 img_6288 img_6309 img_6330



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