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The Lookout: Wall Street, Asheville NC

January 31, 2016
Here I am in the streets of Asheville. It’s freezing outside, but I decided to layer up with a few warm tones to even things out a bit. Let’s start off with details of my outfit from head to toe.
My hair, lol. If you don’t know me you don’t know that I’m growing my hair out. It used to be shaved on all sides with a bush of curls on top. I’ve had lots of people ask me who does my hair and where I get my hair from. I get my hair from a beauty supply store called Venus. They don’t have a website, but they’re located at Suite D, 891 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806. The person that does my hair is a friend of mine, so if you want to get in contact with her you have to get in contact with me. She is great and charges affordable prices.


I wish I could have gotten a better picture of my shirt for you guys. Don’t worry, I’ll wear it again when it gets warmer and you’ll have a complete 360 view! It’s from Zara by the way. Over the holiday season, I was shopping for an outfit for the New Year celebration and stumbled across this jacket at Forever21. I’ve been wanting to grab one of these bomber jackets for the longest time. I’ve always been a fan of them. My sister is 12 years older than me and used to be a tomboy. When I was a lot younger and she was my age, she sported an oversized classic of one of these. The all black with the orange on the inside. I am so glad this jacket has made it’s way back to the timeline. The bomber is always my first pick when out and about.

In the brown paper bag is our first giveaway. Keep reading to see where it’s from!

My pants are from H&M. Am I the only person that wonders what those letters stand for? If you know, please let me in on the lowdown. Ion like being left out. I really enjoy wearing these pants. They are slightly darker than the normal olive tent, but I absolutely love this color. These pants are high wasted, have a nice comfortable feel and hug your curves in all the right ways.

I was shopping in Old Navy before their Black Friday sale when I found these double wrap infinity scarves. I picked up a grey one and a burgundy one. They were a little pricey for me, but a discount was included so it ended up being good enough for me. I proceeded to check out and headed to Target. I headed for the lane where they have really cute cheap, but handy gadgets and crafts. And boom! I spotted this super cute infinity scarf! It was grey and 5 bucks! I think you guys can figure out what I did from there.

Underneath that scarf I wore my classic choker with my hamsa hand choker purchased at Gypsy Creations.

My bracelet came in a pack of two and was a gift from my mother. They go with almost anything I wear. These yellow socks were added for contrast to my outfit. Two pairs for $5 from Old Navy. Originally, they’re $5.95 per pair. And lastly, these are currently my favorite shoes. A nice pair of suede Reebok Classics. I ordered these online from Urban Outfitters.

Hearing the words Wall Street, I think of the stock markets in New York City. Literally, that is all that would come to mind until I set foot on Wall Street in Asheville, North Carolina.

If you’ve never been there, it’s located across the street directly facing Urban Outfitters in the center of the city. Wall Street is magical. There are lots of local businesses that thrive from the support from of its people and thousands of tourists who travel through.

There’s a yoga studio, a few restaurants with tasty dishes that will make your tongue twirl, along with a couple of clothing boutiques, maybe an antique shop and a few more other places. Out of all of these places there was one place that stood out and that place is called Appalachian Naturals.

Appalachian Naturals is a store owned by a deeply rooted Appalachian Family. They focus to produce pure, high quality, 100% Natural Soap and Skin Care products using traditional mountain techniques that have been passed down through their family generations. Their products DO NOT contain any chemicals, preservatives, petroleums, paragons, phthalates, sodium laurel/th sulfates, fragrances or artificial colors. Their products are composed of all natural and a large variety of essential oils, herbs, spices and botanicals.

When you walk into the store, it’s such a warm atmosphere. The owner is a really nice gentleman and an awesome person to talk to! It’s definitely a place to invade.

Photos by Makeda Sandford

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