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Style Profile: Tyler, the Creator

January 22, 2016

“Can we add some more color? Um, like, some more, yellow? Yeah, that’s good.”

I thought it was time for me to stop being the outcast and actually write on fashion. One of the actual topics for this beautiful blog that’s letting me be me here.

You may not realize it, but Tyler, the Creator is a fashion icon, aside from having one of the best ears for music in the industry. He and his crew are responsible for a lot of the hypebeast sell outs of brand like Supreme, Thrasher and Bape. He the nigga that isn’t afraid of colors. Colors that in the past have been looked at as “gay” or soft. Bright colors, you know nigga, them yellows and pastels. They don’t exist in the rap world. Kanye and Cam’ron got that pink to pop but that was about it.

Stripes, checkerboard, polka dots. All the shit I would have never worn but somehow Tyler got to look good. The best things about these fire jawns he puts on is it’s just stupid shit that comes up in his head. It’s what he wants to wear. Evolving from cat prints in 2013 that sold like heat rock. Golf Wang was just rapper merch at that point, but like his music, his clothing evolved. He has never been a regular nigga, which has been a major part of his appeal to the youth.


Taking classic looks and branding it with his own crude drawings or logos. Parodic yet respectable.

Recently, over the last two years it seems as if the merch has transformed into a label with more mature, wearable fashion. Shortening itself as just GOLF for branding and it looks good on t-shirts.

I really think Golf Wang has the potential and exclusivity to be as influential as Supreme, one of Tyler’s favorite brands. He even has his arms reached out to touch into collabs with Vans for shoes. Very impressive, rappers are really the new athletes but that’s content for another week.

Now to his personal style. Usually wearing his own brand, one way he keeps himself separated from wearing the exact same thing as you simpletons is his jewelry. You gotta wear something you know these broke boys can’t afford. As everyone growing up in the 2000’s era, he was exposed to bling. Every rapper had on two, three gold chains in every video. In the last decade it has lost its creativity. Besides T-Pain’s ‘Big Ass Chain’ and Ross’ bust chain its all been just gold. No yellow diamonds, no color, and that’s what Tyler has made a name on.

His ring that he wears on his hand is a bold statement in itself. Yellow gold and an aqua diamond actually inspired me to get one similar. All black because that’s my shit, but the same design. Tyler’s individuality has set himself apart from a lot of people in his lane.

Tyler has taken regular shit and turned it into fire ass cult jawns. I gotta applaud the guy. I am a fan of his boldness. Go buy some shit, stop being basic.

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