Street Style: The Mothlight Edition

January 17, 2017

What’s up, playas? I’m back with the street style pics, but this edition is a special one. I got to take these at Public Life‘s most recent event at The Mothlight located on Haywood Street in West Asheville. If you don’t know who Public Life is, you should. They are a collective of DJ’s scattered in Asheville. They get all the house parties jumpin’, and put on sweet events like this – which played part in donating to Planned Parenthood of South Atlantic. Not only this, but our latest music is by Nate WP, of Public Life. So check that out here if you haven’t already! This event featured DJ’s: Miles Brown, Sours, Annelise Kopp & all female, Not Yet.

Hope y’all like these random ass shots!

Princess Abbie!

Girls with the matching boots!

Stella and friends.

Patrice & bf, Brandon.

My Gemini Twin, Makeda & best friend, Kiara.

Lillian and her fly friend.

Mary Beth & David.


And last, Nate WP.

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