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Dreamers & Seekers: Chase Woodson: Two Years Later (In Five Parts)

January 13, 2017

We had the honor of working with Chase, the first feature of our newest series, Dreamers & Seekers. This series is strictly about all creatives executing the things they love. The things they dream of at night and seek throughout their days. We couldn’t have been any more honored to have Chase Woodson, one of the kindest souls one person could meet, start us off! Ahead is a brief interview & voice over of Chase’s poem, Two Years Later (In…

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Jams 005: Midwinter Mixtape

January 1, 2017

Y’all. We survived this crazy ass year, 2016. Start 2017 by enjoying this nourishing mix curated by Nate WP, of Public Life music collective. It’s lit. Standout tracks include the intrinsic “Israel” by Chance the Rapper and Noname, as well as savory throwbacks from Erykah Badu and Aaliyah. Asheville locals blend in effortlessly, like Alex Brown, Lamar B. (Darion Bradly), and Walkhome (Lewis Dahm) Much love to Nate for blessing us with this great new year intro. Click play below…

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Hong Kong Travel

Hong Kong City Escape: Where the Mountains and Beaches Meet

December 20, 2016

Hong Kong is extremely scenic with many well known to hidden gem spots to explore. Taking a break from the busy crowded city is essential as well as refreshing to see beyond the towering buildings. A group of friends and I took an amazing adventure to tour the New Territories of Hong Kong called Sai Kung. We had a full day of hiking through the peaks of Sai Wan, down to the beaches and rock climbing the cliff edges of…

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Art Fashion lifestyle

LET IT BE YOURS 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

December 19, 2016

Soooo, we sensed that a lot of you haven’t gotten your faves and family members any presents yet. We also figured that you weren’t exactly sure what to get them, so we curated this sweet list of 15, YES FIFTEEN, things that you can either create or shop locally for. DIY Projects: This season, get a lot more personal with gifts from the heart. Okay, maybe they’re not from the heart, but at least you made it. 🙂 Get creative…

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On the Rise: Jean Greaser

December 19, 2016

If you haven’t heard about Jean Greaser, get into the new high fashion & streetwear fusion brand based in Asheville, NC (for now) right now. You’re late. This highly versatile collection of shirts, and new pieces arriving monthly is an ode to old school style hoodrats and subculture. The small brand is moving quickly, and we snagged the second releases they ever came up with. Christina paired the black lettering t-shirt with a washed red floral patterned cropped pant and blue…

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Happy Gemini Full Moon – Download Our 2017 Lunar Calendar ☾

December 14, 2016

For an early Christmas gift, we wanted to gift our spiritual babes & avid LIBY lovers a gift from the bottom of our heart. Keep up with the moon’s phases next year with our high-resolution LUNAR CALENDAR 2017 – Perfect for phone & desktop backgrounds, or just to keep in your favorites to check up on the moon’s motions. We designed it ourself and we’re super proud. We hope you love it. We love you and thank you for keeping…

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Late Tips on Layering

December 12, 2016

Hoody: Zara Jacket: Forever21 Hanes T-Shirt Earrings & Glasses: Forever21 Denim: Thrifted Socks & Boots: Old Navy Watch: Alter’d Ah, don’t you guys just love my rbf? At times I can be, but most of the time I promise I’m not. You know, I’m human. But any way, I’m here to give some lil tips on layering for the colder weather. Me being a visual person, I wish I had different versions of my explanations for you to see but…

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Art CoolPeople lifestyle

Dez’Mon Omega Fair: Paintings, Poetry & Heart

December 5, 2016

Meet Dez’Mon Omega Fair. At first glance, his quiet, warm voice and bright smile gives you a hint this guy must do something colorful, something mystical. Raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina, the 30 year-old begun painting about six years ago in the comfort of his Brooklyn, NYC apartment. Now, he writes dreamscape-like passages and illustrates beautifully delicate pieces atop translucent paper. When placed in front of everyday textures, his work appears to take on new shape, but his message is…

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Fashion lifestyle

November Full Moon Forecast: Super Moon in Taurus

November 14, 2016

Tonight, Monday November 14 and tomorrow night, Tuesday November 15, we are going to be under one of the brightest moons since 1948. It’s the super full moon in Taurus! You might already sense the typical full moon tensions and extremes in the air: extra long nights of partying, romantic unfurling, police and fire truck sirens, dogs barking, arguments and lots of PDA on the streets. This is in part because of all the water sign activities following up to…

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Asheville lifestyle

Your New Favorite Asheville, NC Coffee Shops & Cafes

November 13, 2016

It’s not always about the beer scenes and breweries. Asheville, NC is also a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts, mastering the techniques of latte art and cozy interiors for it’s creative dwellers. You may have remembered our first list of our favorite coffee shops in Asheville. A year later, we’ve explored to the ends of the town and the outskirts to give you a few more favorites to spend your free time at. These selections all have great environments…

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