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November Full Moon Forecast: Super Moon in Taurus

November 14, 2016

Tonight, Monday November 14 and tomorrow night, Tuesday November 15, we are going to be under one of the brightest moons since 1948. It’s the super full moon in Taurus!

You might already sense the typical full moon tensions and extremes in the air: extra long nights of partying, romantic unfurling, police and fire truck sirens, dogs barking, arguments and lots of PDA on the streets. This is in part because of all the water sign activities following up to earthy Taurus.

But this Taurus moon is thought to also bring a sense of stability across the planet, which is a perfect time to reflect, restabilize energy, and set wheels in motion to power through intentions. If you’ve been neglecting your budget or have any issues with money, this is a great time to start building a plan toward a more stable wallet.

You might be motivated by the desire for serenity, security, peace, and comfort. The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus. Your basic impulses are to relax and resist change. Life slows down a little, so get comfortable.

Your world is so beautiful, it’s time you start taking moments to appreciate it everyday. Go outside and mend your relationship with nature by spending quiet time alone out there, or walking slower to your car. If you’re in WNC, though, the wildfires have our air quality very low, and if you’re already sick, buy some flowers for your space and spend quiet time inside.

Take this time to re-evaluate. Take this time to fully realize the need to live in the now. You are a timeless being. Do not be bound by time’s past or future. Be a present person.

We are being called to unite as people of a new time. Our strength and unity lies in our diversity. We have our voices, creativity and our sensitivity to use as powerful agents for change.

This new moon is all about releasing and letting go.

Here are some good statements to be inspired for your intentions lists or rituals. Say ones that you feel especially moved by out loud. Actualize your wants, wishes, dreams, and realities.

I am not bound to my past.

I move swiftly into newfound truths.

I am constantly changing, while constantly staying true.

Love is an action. Love is a principle.

Love is undefeatable.

Nature is made of the same things as the universe.

I am made of the same things as the universe.

I stand in solidarity with my human shell and my spirit.

I am here now: mentally, spiritually.

My beliefs affirm my existence. My existence affirms my beliefs.

The world I live in is beautiful, and the life I lead is too.

I plan to only safely secure my lifestyle.

My routine allows me to be comfortable.


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