New Moon in Tarus; Wednesday, April 26th

April 25, 2017

Spring arrives in full swing, blessing the trees, bushes and flower beds with colorful blossoms and scattering dandelions upon the green grasses of Asheville. The soft breeze carries the friendly buzz of carpenter bees and the earthy smell of budding life.

The moon begins its next cycle in Taurus on Wednesday. Cumulus, a local astrologer, said Taurus season is a time for nourishment and growth. The astrological year begins with brave, fiery Aries and plants the new seed of the new year and emerges from the ground in celebration of another journey around the sun. Taurus season follows, nurturing the newly planted seed, stabilizing, solidifying, helping it lay its foundation and plant firm roots.

“With Tauruses, all of their attributes, their strengths, which you pick up naturally through this moon cycle are reliability, patience, practicality, devotion, responsibility and stability,” said Olivia Vargo, a local 24-year-old planetary clairvoyant, with gentle discernment, her hands moving fluidly with each word she speaks. “But their weaknesses are stubbornness, possessiveness and being uncompromising.”

“‘New moons provide a time for fluidity, motion, movement and new beginnings;’ her voice echoing pleasantly off the yellow walls of the secluded room in the small coffee shop. ‘You really need to be thinking about where you’re headed and what you want – what you want to lay to rest in order to receive new, beneficial energy in order to let go and keep growing.'”

Jonathan Mote from Raven and Crone, a metaphysical supply store off of Merrimon Avenue, said to plant a rose bush or garden with intention for the next moon cycle.

“Now is a time to plant seeds to grow to the full moon,”

said Mote.

He paces calmly as he speaks, his heavy, black boots hardly make a noise on the old, wooden floors of the shop as he busies himself with shopkeeping. The store buzzed gently– two girls reading to each other in the library, another inquiring about pendulums, his coworker fumbling with something in the other room.

“Write out intentions and burn them to ash or write it into a candle,” he said. “Write out what you want, light a green candle, pray, and say thank you.”

With spring, green graces the once barren Earth again, symbolizing life, renewal, growth, harmony and fertility. Green also symbolizes money and prosperity which earthy Taurus craves in order to feel stable. Focusing on the color green helps to visualize and set one’s intentions.

Though Venus went direct on April 15, Vargo said the effects of the 2017 Venus retrograde remain until May 18.

According to NASA, a planet in retrograde appears to be moving backwards according to other planets in the night sky, but does not actually change its course. Astrologically, this reverses the effect of the retrograde planet. Since Taurus rules over Venus, the planet of love, this creates some turbulence.

“This new moon is messy,” Vargo said as she let out a light yet strained laugh. “We’re going into the Taurus moon, so unfortunately we’re still being ruled by Venus even though we’re coming out of retrograde so we’re still being affected by all those leftover Venus feelings.”

She said Venus helps remove blockages and barriers around your heart center, so focus on your heart center, your gut feelings and letting go.

“Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde overlapped last week,” Cumulus said, his face glowing from the screen of his iPad, as an espresso machine hummed excitedly behind him. “There’s a lot of changes in directions in the planets recently. We’re going through an adjustment phase.”

On the day of the new moon, four planets will be in retrograde — Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto —he said as he pulled up the star chart for the new moon in Asheville.

“The inner planets like, Mercury and Venus, are more important in a way because they’re the most personal,” he said. He leans back, speaking with his hands in small, circular movements. “The outer planets, like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, are more about societal with the government or groups of people. So that’s why we see these big storylines in the United States right now, like what’s going on?”

After the Venus retrograde, Cumulus said to re-establish boundaries, and with the new moon, stand up for those boundaries and move forward confidently. On the day of the new moon, Mars will be on the ascendant in Asheville.

“That is really action-packed and definitely reinforcing everything I said about implementing the new adjustments you decided on in the past couple of weeks, but also standing up and enforcing your set of values and boundaries as you’re moving forward with that,” he said excitedly, leaning in with a smirk on his face. “This is a sign that the people in Asheville who are ready to make these big changes can start really working on it.”

Cumulus said on May 10, the full moon in Scorpio will be the reveal of a more progressive energy because Mercury goes direct May 6, and full moons bring culmination, and a reveal to the implementations made during the new moon in Taurus with Mars on the ascendant.

“We’ll see a lot more progressive energy as we go into the late spring,” he said, bringing hope to those who have felt the weight of this exceptionally transitional time.

Article by guest writer,

Bridgette Perrott

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