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Lucy’s Light

September 26, 2016

Tuesday’s with Lucy. Radiant. Warm. Her bright smile reaching the corner wrinkles of her eyes, soft waves fill her hair as the ends kiss her waist.  She graces the hardwood floor of her home; with every step creating a dance-like trail that I couldn’t help but to follow as I absorbed the aroma of the woodlands that surrounded her home, filling the rooms with that distinct mountain air. Those large bay windows that wrap the walls all around brought in a light that was undeniably perfect.

Lucy has an ethereal beauty that flaunts her quirkiness and sensualist side into a unique blend. Intriguing. Her bedroom contains large canvases of her painting’s, clothes and a wide array of what seems like random objects but each one has its place in molding her identity.

Capturing her being in such a vulnerable state was empowering for myself even. As the light seeps in from the windows and hugs her from behind, Lucy’s essence left me in awe. Through all the joking and laughter from in-between shots it was incredible to witness the transition of channeling her genuine personality into a striking capture that spoke so much to me. I literally was bursting with excitement while repeatedly chanting all of my “Yasss girl!” and “Omg, I love it, hold that for me!” and of course “Ugh, so beautiful!”

There’s something so humbling about bringing the darker side of us. The side that we may or may not shield from society in fear that the core values that sculpt our individuality would be ridiculed for being unsubstantial.  But why is individualism so intimidating sometimes?

Admiring her fluidity between the light and shadows of the room, I began to focus my gaze at a corner where the sun’s ray shined through the window as I watched the millions of microscopic dust particles parading in its warmth. Thoughts of Autumn, big cities and banana bread crept in…


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