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Life in Word Series 2/3: Love

January 18, 2016
noun: love; plural: loves
  1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
    “babies fill parents with intense feelings of love”
Out of three definitions with seven sub definitions when used as a noun and one definition with one sub definition when used as a verb, this is Googles number one pick for the definition of love.
We, as humans, use the word “love” when it comes to our feelings towards multiple things. This word seems to be the only word that justifies the greatest capacity of feeling that takes ahold of us when something or someone holds substantial control. We all know what love can do… At least some of us to a certain extent, but yeah…we all know due to the fact that we’ve either experienced it personally or we have experienced it second hand.
I have recently learned of an incident that happened a few months ago where someone close to me was involved. And by close I mean a family member. Although it’s been on the news and all over the internet, I won’t share any details. But this is just another episode of the craziest things that love can make you do. To this point is where you have to stop, focus and justify for yourself whether or not this love is real, worth the risk and if you’re better off without. I’d say, if at this point you are not able to justify, that at this point you are being taken advantage of.

If a love fails, then it isn’t real

That, my friend, is a fact.
So yeah, not only is this Googles number one pick for the definition of love, but it is also my favorite. Why? Well, it’s the only definition that explains love in its truest form. But not because of the actual definition, it’s because of the sentence that has been given as an example.
Examples are always the most accurate ways to help others understand what something really means.
Of course, I didn’t experience love through Googles definition. I experienced love through my almost twenty-three years of life! It all started when I was conceived. I can’t remember what it was like to be in my mothers womb, but I know for sure since that moment, that she nurtured me with the most natural parts of her body. Our love is more intimate than the love that she and my father share.
Some where along the way I forgot about that. It’s a cycle a we all go through. Ya know, puberty. Sometimes, we find our way back and sometimes we don’t. Although I had forgotten about the ways my mother had nurtured me, she never did. No matter how out of control I got, she always found a way to keep me in line. She remained strong and her faith is an undying faith. That has always been my mothers way of showing me that she loves me… She nagged me.
I never wanted to hear it. I never tried to understand. She wanted me to stay close, so I purposely decided to go to college away from home. I was finally all on my own ready to adult…haha. I experienced life for what it really is and people for who they really are.
In situations where love seemed apparent, time after time I had to stop and focus to analyze whether the pain I was feeling was worth my time or if it was for the birds. For years I was confused about love. It was always the phase of infacuation. I could never get past infacuation because I never understood what love really is.
Just as Rihanna, aka Bae, says in one of her hit singles, We Found Love, it was true. I found love in the most hopeless place. I found it in myself. And it turns out all I had to do was focus in order to find it. Who would’ve known it was so damn easy!
It was the song by Avicii, Wake Me Up, that literally woke me up! I was in my bathroom in an apartment that I had in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had my makeup done, all my jewlery and swore I was looking too cute about to head to class. All I know is that I was high as fuck, staring at myself in the mirror when I heard the lead singer say these words: All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know that I was lost. I couldn’t help but break down and cry. All the things that I thought I was becoming, that I thought made me look good, all made me feel ugly. I immediately knew that I was in the midst of letting society conform me. So I never made it to class and through love I began the journey to finding my true self.


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