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Life Hacks w/ Amira: Straight from the Heart

October 18, 2017
Picture taken by Michael-Jamar Jean Francois

Meet Amira Kotze. Raised in Cary, North Carolina, Amira currently resides in Asheville, NC. She’s a late graduate of the University of North Carolina Asheville with a BA in Arts, knocking out goals one fist at a time.

I met Amira at a house party — I think a year or two ago. We clicked instantly and although we don’t spend much time together, I always enjoy her warming energy. Each time we converse I learn sooo much! I figured I’d record one of our conversations with hopes that maybe she’ll be a positive influence on you too. You can find our podcast below.

Self portrait by Amira Kotze


“I view my paintings the same way I view my dreams. Sometimes when they come out of me they make no sense. Other times I know exactly what they mean or I’ve already created a concept around them (like the first two paintings I created for my BA show). They’re similar to dreams in the way of me showing them to someone and them sharing their own interpretation and experience of it could be completely different -which is, besides the actual process, one of my favorite things about painting and creating things. My newer cartoon work is more centered around the stories I am writing and illustrating are also challenging me in a “good pressure” sort of way.”

-Amira Kotze


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