Late Tips on Layering

December 12, 2016

Hoody: Zara

Jacket: Forever21

Hanes T-Shirt

Earrings & Glasses: Forever21

Denim: Thrifted

Socks & Boots: Old Navy

Watch: Alter’d


Ah, don’t you guys just love my rbf? At times I can be, but most of the time I promise I’m not. You know, I’m human. But any way, I’m here to give some lil tips on layering for the colder weather. Me being a visual person, I wish I had different versions of my explanations for you to see but since I don’t I’ll do my best to explain.

Starting with the upper half of my body, I like to wear three layers:

  1. a comfortable T or knitted long sleeve
  2. a hoody (can be short sleeve/long or a crew neck)
  3. a jacket of any choice


Okay, so with these three layers you can do a few things depending on the sizes you prefer to wear. As you can see in these pictures, I chose a t-shirt that fits just right for my first layer. If you want to get a little bit more stylish, you can wear an extended T (which was what I actually wanted to wear, but somehow misplaced all three of mine). If you don’t know what that is, it’s a t-shirt that fits your width, but the length is much longer. I’m a medium, so I wore all of my tops in that size. If you decide to wear a bigger hoody, make sure you wear a bigger jacket too. If ya don’t, you’ll be lookin’ a little uncomfortable & crazy. But wearing these pieces a little bigger also gives you more room for your first layer.

  1. If you choose bigger sizes for your jacket and hoody, you could wear a dress underneath and pair that with tights and knee highs (which I like to scrunch to my calves). Make it sporty and throw on some kicks, or keep it classy with thigh high boots.
  2. With a bigger jacket and true to sized hoody, you could pair these with a a high wasted mid skirt. My silhouette of choice would be an a-line skirt.
  3. Not up for a dress or a skirt? Try wearing flared pants. With these I would suggest wearing a longer jacket. Like one of those long peacoats.
  4. If you decide to wear jeans, you could honestly wear any cut. But always remember the most important key of keeping your garments proportionate!





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