JAMS 006: Cozy Zine x LIBY: Lively Up Yourself

February 3, 2017

Winter is still here, so we still have excuses to wear sweatsuits and be taken seriously, cuddle instead of go on dates, and wear layers and play up all those color combos of our wildest dreams. In spirit of team Cozy, we are so excited to collaborate with Cozy Zine‘s Pablo Best for JAMS #06, and their first playlist in their Cozy Volume series. This one is an ode to feeling yourself, flaunting your true nature and getting soulful with it — just in time for Black History Month, get down to the gospel, rap and dancehall artists including Mahalia Jackson, Cam’ron, Buju Banton and many more. Truly Black Pride at it’s finest. Pablo Best is this month’s curator, and not only the creator of Cozy Zine but a creator of multifaceted music projects. Check out Cozy Zine Vol. 1, check out Pablo and his great work, and jam out to the playlist. All below!


Whaddup!?! I’m Pablo and have been making zines for a while. Without delving too deeply into the rabbit-hole that is public self-reflection, I must say I’m honored to present you with the latest fruits of my arduous labor.

An unspoken motif in everything I have done creatively (zines, music, “event planning” [aka collaborating with friends to put on little shows and the like], etc) has been comfort. An almost slothful level of relaxation oozes out of all that I do, all that of which I believe. My most central personal credo is “life should be, outside of natural occurrences, easy.” Over time I’ve felt that not making that explicit was kind of dishonest. I don’t want anyone to think they have to try too hard to like anything I make, especially since I don’t try too hard to curtail how I create for the sake of “the market”, or “target demographics” or any disingenuous bullshit like that.

Anyway, speeding things up, this zine is called COZY. The underlying theme of every edition will be the titular term, which according to a million dictionaries means “ome drawn out way of saying ‘comfortable.’” For my purposes I will quote from a passage in the first edition of the zine to clarify my definition:

Now is a better time than ever for us to stake a claim. What is the claim and who is staking it? We are the humble, rumble, tumble members of humanity. Of the tired many, we are the few willing and able to acknowledge that NO- perpetual discomfort is not acceptable. NO- unnerving and mind numbing alienation from each other is not acceptable. NO- the great majority of what is considered “normal” due to the legacy of what bell hooks calls the “imperialist/white supremacist/capitalist patriarchy” is not at all acceptable. Our claim is simply that: we acknowledge this and, as a point of pride, seek to end this.

In short: there’s too much stupid shit going on!!! Let’s have fun, cuddle up in a nice quilt and have a candle-lit, pizza dinner while watching a good movie! There’s a lot of uncomfortable work to be done to make this world better, but dammit we deserve moments of coziness to heal!

Below you’ll find embedded the playlist that will serve as an accompaniment to the print zine. It’s interactive! While I was making this zine I was either listening to this music or thinking about it. I invite you to create your own playlists- and share em with me- with the only rule being: MAKE IT COZY. Enjoy the playlist!!!

COZY VOLUME 1: LIVELY UP YOURSELF from harmoniousmonks on 8tracks Radio.

The zine will come soon, probably with an additional playlist. I can be contacted/kept up with at my tumblr. If you send me $1.50 through Paypal (link: and caption your payment with your name, address, preferred route of communication and I’ll send you a copy the moment these babies go to print, which will be sometime within the next couple of weeks (if you feel safer waiting til I’ve actually *made* the copies just keep watch on the COZY ZINE tab of my tumblr).

My goal is for this to grow into a true movement of artists creating under the COZY banner. This is for all intents and purposes the official world premiere of this, so feel lucky! Any, and I mean ANY art forms are valid for this project. Get in touch with me and together we can make something beautiful. I love you all.

-Pablo B.

Photo by Makena Mambo

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