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It’s Just Twitter

February 1, 2016

As I’ve stated before, Twitter is my home. I love it and if you aren’t here feeling the same, I’m going to try to sway your opinion.

Twitter is place where you can come to be yourself or not yourself at all. Make friends or enemies. Promote your work and consume it respectively. Many great and terrible things unfold. You can directly communicate with your favorite celebrities and find/make some dank ass memes. From starting as a simple picture with large white words on it to turning world leaders into people you can laugh at. Some make look at it as terrible but that’s what I’m all about, terrible.

Probably the most famous meme is the world’s greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan

The crying Jordan meme will probably will be the picture beside the word meme in the dictionary.

Other than that the micro-blogging site in itself one of the most reliable news sources available. Not being diluted by its own interests, many things have been brought to light. With raw video footage and pictures from tweeters who are in various situations ranging from mass shootings to political rallies and weather.

With the #BLACKLIVESMATTER campaign and really more of a way of life sparked over the August of 2014 when Mike Brown was slain by a police officer, leading to public civilian exploitation of police officers who act out, really inciting change. With Civil Rights leaders being born through retweets from Twitter to national TV, voices like Deray McKesson (@deray) have incited change in the world.

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Twitter is just Twitter” to most but for myself and many others it is a platform to promote their craft or network and build. A good amount of people have come to deserved success from Twitter such as Desus & Mero.

From “Just tweets” to being featured on MTV2 on a popular TV show. Twitter is your oyster use it how you see fit.

All in all I just want to highlight the importance of twitter and how it probably is the most powerful tool on the internet, which in itself runs the world. So the next time you say “Twitter is just Twitter” dont flinch when I pop up and smack the shit out of your mouth.

Just for you to why started and get out of local Twitter hell. Expand your horizons and use this tool that we have been given. Start here.

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