About Us

Let It Be Yours is a lifestyle & fashion blog, slowly introducing our surroundings with yours through profiles, reviews, commentary and exclusive content. We’re here to lift voices and inspire. Our bloggers are creative, unique, and just like you. We are here to appreciate and better the grounds we live. We tap into culture, fashion, life, trends, nature, urban life, music and more.


We, the bloggers of LIBY, understand that the world is a beautiful place. Mother Earth is our home and we are just as much apart of her as she is of us. She feeds us, provides us a home and nutures us day after day. It’s our job to love, appreciate and take of her as she does for us.

Let It Be Yours is a platform allowing creative artists to use their creativity to inspire you to love and understand that Earth is our home, and that as the human race we are one family.