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In Celebration of Black Boy Magic

September 24, 2016

With all that is happening in our world it has never been more imperative to realize how damn awesome being carefree and black is. Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Magic is at an all time high. We’re loving each other and protecting each other all while having fun. I’m here for it.

At the risk of sounding redundant, there’s never been a better time to be black in America, from President Barack Obama leaving the White House and dropping the mic on they, to our black women absolutely dominating in Rio. Neither have overshadowed what us regular folk are dealing with and excelling with at home. It is beautiful to be black, and the self love has got to be at an all time high. If they don’t love us we gotta, right?

Carefree black boys and girls have been shaping the culture for decades, but with social media being so prominent, we can all see it. Everything we do is dope and everyone wants to play too, ask Kylie Jenner. (I mean, let me not get off topic.) 2016 is especially important because we got possibly the most carefree of us all, Frank Ocean, to stop the world for about 2 solid weeks to drop another amazing album, partially forcing anyone who voluntarily listens to his music to accept the fact that he is and other people are gay, and that’s incredible. Bringing normality to the forefront of black and just the U.S. culture in general. From Channel Orange-him being truthful before even releasing his album, telling us about his sexuality. For whatever reason that may have been. It did not stop us from listening and yearning for another album.  Knowing who and what he may be singing about and us not caring, he transcended sexuality with art. In the black community alone, that’s huge.

Speaking of world stop, Beyonce may be the most magical of us all, not letting America forget about the mothers of the slain black boys. Not in the social media hashtag way but in bringing them to the red carpets to be out in front, forcing the world to see them, their boys, and all of us, at once.

Look at what we can do as a people, asides from being just entertainment. We can make a difference. Look at Colin Kaepernick, a backup quarterback for a (bad) San Francisco 49ers football team. Within the last month and a half he has catapulted the Black Live Matter movement into the stratosphere by kneeling during the most non-banger national anthem of all time, The Star Spangled Banner. Some people were outraged, some proud and some confused. What is he doing? How dare he disrespect our veterans?  Personally, I am currently serving in the military and I, with countless others in the service back him. I kneel with him. This isn’t a disrespectful gesture to the military. The glad does not represent the military. the flag represents a country build on the backs of the same black people who are being slain in the middle of the street. If anything, Kap starting this kneel for the injustice in America has pointed out the ones who need to be educated, whilst educating and promoting. We can do anything.

What I’m trying to tell y’all without going crazy is, if you’re black, you have the potential to do anything you want. You can be an astronaut, a football player, the president, a nobody, a tax collector, or an artist. If you’re not black, or POC, you’re dope too. Maybe not start-a-viral-dance-every-4-months-and run-the-Free-World-with-Michelle-Obama-as-your-wife dope, but watch us shine.

Illustration by the best,  Diamond Nater. Follow her on insta.


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