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Hong Kong City Escape: Where the Mountains and Beaches Meet

December 20, 2016

Hong Kong is extremely scenic with many well known to hidden gem spots to explore. Taking a break from the busy crowded city is essential as well as refreshing to see beyond the towering buildings.

A group of friends and I took an amazing adventure to tour the New Territories of Hong Kong called Sai Kung. We had a full day of hiking through the peaks of Sai Wan, down to the beaches and rock climbing the cliff edges of waterfalls. Of course getting a little lost and stuck in remote areas is part of the excursion, but all the more worthwhile for the story to tell later.


And they were unlike any other that I’ve ever experienced. Although the hikes are very challenging and killer on the legs and glutes, reaching the top made the pain durable. This was definitely one of my favorite days here so far with photos that I still can’t believe I captured. The weather is warming up, so there will be a lot more outdoor trips to come!

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