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Favorite Apps: Phhhoto

February 22, 2016
Phhhoto, created by Champ Bennett, Omar Elsayed, and Russell Armand, launched in July 2014 and allows users to make moving photos (or gifs) that they can post on their other social media accounts.
The app uses your camera to take 4 photos and strings them along to make a gif. The app features a “Wow” page where Phhhoto staff pick their favorite phhhotos and display them. Several times a week, a user is picked and gets to host the “Wow” page for a day and pick out their favorite phhhotos (which are tracked using #wow). Phhhoto also gives you the option of using a filter on your newly created gifs. It’s basically Instagram’s cooler, artsier younger sibling. Some celebrities that have the app are: Skrillex, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Cole Sprouse, and even Mark Zuckerberg.
Despite having over 200,000 users, the Phhhoto community is still relatively small so this could be the social break you’re looking for. Maybe this is just me & my introversion, but following friends on social networks is cool & all, but after a while, I start to feel a little suffocated & restricted. Not a lot of people are on Phhhoto, which means you can be as weird & unapologetic as possible.
Phhhoto is a way to document your life in a cool artsy way. It’s an app full of artists & creators, and is yet another great way to establish connections and collaborate with others. Plus it’s just a really cool fucking app.

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