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Dez’Mon Omega Fair: Paintings, Poetry & Heart

December 5, 2016

Meet Dez’Mon Omega Fair. At first glance, his quiet, warm voice and bright smile gives you a hint this guy must do something colorful, something mystical. Raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina, the 30 year-old begun painting about six years ago in the comfort of his Brooklyn, NYC apartment. Now, he writes dreamscape-like passages and illustrates beautifully delicate pieces atop translucent paper. When placed in front of everyday textures, his work appears to take on new shape, but his message is still one that does not boast, but allows the viewer to take what they may. The pieces range from inkblot spurts to characters surrounded by a dream world, which echoes much of his writings. Dez’Mon is on his way to Washington to continue with art-making and writing.

img_0109       img_0142

On the drive behind his work:

“My work is an intuited pictorial dialog in watercolor on rice paper. Inchoately assertive—they are impressions of myself; abstractions of the heart emerging from the history of my body—my practice becomes focused on the understanding of art-making as a language of change (and, an embodiment of the present). It fine-tunes the intuition. It creates what is possible. The result: A polychromatic and whimsical assemblage of complicated line work; multi-colored saturations blurring and bleeding toward pleasure. I viscerally and psychically build layers that fade prismatically; adding and mimicking; never subtracting or hiding what could be considered ill or err. Each piece has an identity and embodies a conversation of its own, either close to what I had imagined or more intricate in ways I could never have.”


“Galvanized by, then utilizing the complexities, patterns, synchronicity and symmetry experienced when painting with watercolors, my ethos is one that parallels the present moment. I find that a painting will paint itself as a life will live itself. I am absorbed in art becoming medicine; art as ritual; art as faith.”

Click play! Listen to Dez’Mon’s original poem, “After Grace,” while viewing his work below:




Follow Dez’Mon on instagram.

 If you are in Walla Walla, Washington on January 12th, stop by TwoZeroTwo, the tasting room & art gallery where Fair will be hosting his art show starting at 6 until 9.

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