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Craggy Gardens

January 3, 2016
I had so much fun doing this shoot with Makeda! She is one awesome photographer. For our first shoot, we decided that we’d take it to the mountains of North Carolina. It makes it more special for you because you get to see not only my outfit, lol, but you get a glimpse of some beautiful scenery.

Craggy Gardens isn’t just an overlook on the parkway. 

Craggy Gardens is located at mile marker 364 heading north on the Blue Ridge Parkway, coming from downtown Asheville. If you guys are familiar with the area, we took Town Mountain Rd, passing the Cove that looks over Asheville. It’s about a 30 minute drive from there. Craggy Gardens isn’t just an overlook on the parkway. If you drive one mile further, there’s a trail that you can take. It’s not long at all and it’s very easy to hike. I’ve seen many pictures, but this was my first time taking on this trail. As you can see, this trail looks just as craggy as it sounds. It kind of reminds me of Hocus Pocus and it was definitely worth freezing my ass off! You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Once you get to the top of the higher look over (there’s two off the trail), there is a magnificent 360 view of mountain range! It is definitely a healing experience.


Now, about my outfit! I love to find great deals and I only have one brand that I admire more than I do any other. So you’ll hear a lot about me thrifting and a lot about Zara! 
So, my dress, that cute little baby doll dress is the only item that I’m wearing from Zara. Oh, how much I love it! It’s so comfortable and I can do a lot with it. I think the next time I wear it, I might do something a little bit more sporty. I’ve had that cream sweater for a while now and I’m pretty sure I got it at either Ross or Marshalls, Americas favorite discount stores. I go through phases where I like to wear it and then I don’t, so it doesn’t get old to the point where I have donate it to a local charity. I could look at the tag and tell you where I got it, but I doubt you’ll find it. However, there are plenty of places where you can find something similar.

 Eight bucks! Yeah, I scored fa sho!

My shoes and my socks are from Old Navy. I’m not ashamed to say socks are from the mens section, as most of my socks and 1/3 of my wardrobe are. Old Navy always has great prices on their mens socks. One time, I got 3 packs of socks with two pairs in each for $8! Eight bucks! Yeah, I scored fa sho!
My classic choker? I got that from H&M. The other choker I’m wearing with the cute little cupcake was made by a girl I went to high school with. Her name is Kay Millar and she makes her own little jewelry and paintings to sell on her website. Her brand is called Gypsy Creations. I love ordering from her because she sends these cute 3D stickers with your order. I have them on my laptop, lol. Here’s a direct link >> << Hope you find some things ya like!


I don’t know what I was thinking when picked this outfit out. I just knew I wanted wear this cute dress and I wanted to pair it with my burgundy socks and that the boots gave it a nice edge. I put the cream sweater on to balance all the colors out. Wallah! Magic…
Photos by Makeda Sandford

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