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Cool Happening: Art & Music Event, Dammit Fannie

March 6, 2016

So if you haven’t heard about CIAA, it’s a college basketball tournament that has taken place in Charlotte, NC during the last weekend of February for the last five or six years now. Many of people love CIAA because of all the events, day parties, and celebrities that come rolling through.

You know, it was this event where Drake came to a local strip club and rained $50k!

This year, I was so excited to go. But only because of one event: Dammit Fannie. Dammit Fannie is an event thrown by the duo @dammit_wesley and @djfanniemae, who I was lucky enough to meet during my internship at the creative studio, Dupp & Swat over in NoDa. He, Dammit Wesley, normally paints live while she, DJ Fannie Mae, spins. It took place on E. 10th St. at Studio 1212. These two artists have made effective statements through their creative outlets. With their combination of music and art, they have created an intimate space where creative individuals are able to showcase their work.


This event is great for networking and taking your collabs to the next level.

So many creative individuals were there. There were creatives who spoke poetry and creatives who performed their own music. There was a band where this guy had an awesome guitar solo, and a brother duo that sang and played from their soul! Photographers and videographers, I even met a guy who started his own magazine.

What I loved most was how a group of so many different individuals were able to come together to celebrate each other. Through the dancing, supporting, and admiring, I saw a group of people who reminded me what love is all about. I saw a group of people who stood together and embraced every difference in one another. I saw self expression turned into beauty, art, music, and photography.

But most of all, I saw something real.

I had a great time at this event and if you’re a chill little homie like me, I recommend that you attend any one of these happenings these creative duos put on if you’re not up for the club or a day party in the city. Clicks those links in the second paragraph to see what’s up and click this one here to see more photos I was lucky enough to take. Shout out to Makeda for letting me use her awesome camera!


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