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Coffee Spotlight: Irving Farm

January 6, 2016

Irving Farm

88 Orchard Street NY,NY 10002


Recommendation: Macchiato (traditional mind you, those tiny little cups of magic that are made up of a double shot and the smallest amount of steamed milk) and a raspberry doughnut.

I like to think that I know a thing or two about coffee. It was the first industry that I went into when I started working, and I never left until I moved into the city for culinary school. So, when I moved the first order of business was finding a local coffee shop that cranked out awesome drinks and would also hopefully serve as a good hangout spot and home away from my dorm. While Irving Farm on Orchard may not be a super chill spot to settle in with a book (though the downstairs seating can offer some respite from the crowds) they reliably serve up some of the best espresso I’ve had in the LES. Coming from a cafe that roasted in-house, I love that the shop uses all Irving Farm Roasters coffee, and what good coffee it is.
While I do almost always tends towards espresso as my daily drink, I brew Irving Farm coffee at home and can attest to the quality of their beans for a pour over or cup of drip. (Right now I’m brewing their organic Honduras Capucas, a washed coffee that has notes of pineapple, brown sugar, tobacco, dried cherry and vanilla.) Not only does Irving Farm have excellent espresso (I urge you to get a simple double shot, a macchiato or cortado), they also have some super tasty sweet treats as well as a breakfast and lunch menu. I’ve never had any of their hot food, but I am a total sucker for their raspberry jelly doughnuts, which go perfectly with a double shot and a glass of sparkling water. On a hot day, their iced americanos knock it out of the park but if you’re not feeling coffee they make some seriously delicious lemonade in house.
Not in the LES? Fret not, Irving Farm also has locations in Gramercy, the Upper West Side, and Grand Central.

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