5 Important Things You NEED To Know About Your Body

October 6, 2016
Photo By Jonathan G. Mora

With all that happens in a day, it gets hard to put focus on the one thing that keeps you going. Your body. Are you aware of all the things it does for you? Here are a fews things to help you out.

1. Your body is here for you.

Your spirit occupies your body, so that means your body is here to serve you. It is always ready to  listen. Your body is one with nature.

2. Your body is in charge.

It’s in charge of your breathing, heart beating, brain functioning, blood circulating and digesting your food! Think about it! If you were in charge of all of these things, you’d probably be dead by now. When you fall asleep, you could forget to give your heart some beats. And we can forget how to breathe at any moment, especially in moments of anger or frustration. And your digestive system? We would need a factory to operate just that one system if we had to do it all by ourselves. Do you ever think about how it provides nutrients, turns your food into blood and bones, then gets rid of the waste?

3. You have to talk to your body.

Your body creates miracles. You never have to think about any body movements or communication. It just happens in no time at all. We are pretty good at ignoring the signals our bodies give to us, so try not to fight against your body. It knows itself better than you do. Try to practice saying ‘thank you’ to your body. Things become easier once you acknowledge all the greatness your body does for you.

4. Listen to your body.

It’s not good to dominate your body. Remember, it is here to serve you. When your body tells you your stomach is full, don’t over feed it. When your body tells you your stomach is empty, feed it. When your eyes want to close or your body is overwhelmed from doing too much, rest.

When you ignore the signs your body gives to you, your body no longer has the proper rhythm it needs to function. You become very confused and you also forget how to love or be in love. The major key to mastering the art of life. Follow the body.

Your body is your friend, not your enemy. Listen and decode the language of your body. Turn the pages and become aware of all the mysteries of life. Listen to your body. It is the internal clock; it tells the real time.

5. Your body is a miracle.

You only see the outside, you never take the time to look within. It so complex, yet very subtle. It is a universe. It contains millions of cells that each occupy a soul which function in coherence, harmony and rhythm all on their own, becoming each organ in your body. Your body is your earth. Your soul is conscious like a flourishing tree. Your thoughts are fruit and your meditations are like flowers. Your body is a miracle.

If you are looking to find all the mysteries of the Earth, look within yourself. Your body is a mini universe. Your body is the Earth. You hold the same beauty.

Take care of your body. Feed it and nurture it because your body is your friend. Love your body and talk to your body. Say thank you to all of the miracles your body performs daily. Once your attitude towards your body changes, it easier for your body to become one with you. Opening itself up, it reveals everything you need to know.

Your body holds all the mysteries of life.

Body Mind Balancing . Chp 2.

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