18 Simple Teachings to Get Your Life Flowing

June 13, 2017

I came across this article a few weeks ago and it’s been so much of a great benefit, that I decided to share it with you. These are 18 spiritual teachings to encourage you to learn and practice reaching a higher level of consciousness. Hope you enjoy!

1. Everything you need is already within you.

Your true power comes from finding yourself, however you choose to do it. It comes from finding balance and you can’t get it anywhere aside from within.

2. You can (and do) create your life through creative visualization (to a certain extent).

Whatever you want, you can have. Whatever you dream can become your reality. Know yourself, your passion and work towards that every day.

3. All things must pass.

Just as all things must pass, all things must happen. You just have to choose to see it in a way that allows it come and go.

4. Beliefs separate.

Life is simple. It’s the balance of good and bad. You know which is which. We are all human and that’s easier to relate to.

5. Faith is letting go.

I have a tattoo that says, “Faith is a waking dream.” The original quote said, “Hope is a waking dream.” Hope has no substance, but faith does. I can say whatever I want out loud, go about my day peacefully, putting myself in a position to receive it.

6. All meditation is good meditation.

If you haven’t meditated, go for it! I’ve downloaded an app called Breathe. If you’re new, you can enter how you feel physically and mentally, along with choosing five emotions. It calculates your answers and gives you a list of meditations to choose from. Center yourself daily.

7. Metta.

Metta is loving kindness. Wish love, kindness and happiness to any and everyone through the metta meditation technique. Metta is powerful.

8. Each morning, you are born again. What you do today is what matters most.

You were brought here by your past, but that’s not what’s ahead of you. It’s a new day, do something different. Live in this moment.

9. Equanimity.

Balancing your mind is a major key. Do not allow any bit of pleasure or pain sway you. Make smart choices.

10. No self.

Well this is self explanatory. There are other people around you.

11. Suffering is the result of clinging.

Don’t hold on to anything. Do so, and you’ll go with whatever left you.

12. Worry is useless.

Very useless. It already happened, and if it hasn’t don’t manifest it. Just live by the day.

13. Friendship is the highest form of love.

It’s true and way easier to fall in love with your best friend. You’ve taken the time to build a firm foundation of trust along with a great sense of communication.

14. Difficult people are the best teachers.

Self explanatory.

15. Be grateful to everyone and everything.

Appreciate everyone and everything.

16. Don’t get on the train.

Be mindful, ride your own train. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

17. Breath is life.

Deep breathing is calming and becoming aware of that is the most fundamental meditation technique.

18. Make your mind as vast as the sky.

Think of all the possibilities in the world and welcome them with open arms. Don’t constrict your thinking.

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