18 Simple Teachings to Get Your Life Flowing

June 13, 2017

I came across this article a few weeks ago and it’s been so much of a great benefit, that I decided to share it with you. These are 18 spiritual teachings to encourage you to learn and practice reaching a higher level of consciousness. Hope you enjoy! 1. Everything you need is already within you. Your true power comes from finding yourself, however you choose to do it. It comes from finding balance and you can’t get it anywhere aside…

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lifestyle Reflections

Love at First Sight

May 16, 2017

I’m very private when it comes to my love life, so it may be a shock for most of you to hear that up until early January of 2017, I decided it was best for me to end a long distance relationship of a year and a half. If you know the details, I’m sure you were shocked. One because of how dedicated I was to this person and two considering it’d only be a few short months of being…

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DIY: T-Shirts & Sweatshirts Cut-Outs

May 2, 2017

Meet Kathryn, the multi-talented and lovely babe. Local dj, fashion killa, eyeliner & voice over connoisseur, lol, you name it and she’s probably dipped her hands into it. Born and raised in NC, she currently resides in Asheville, counting down the days to her big move to NYC for graduate school at Parsons. Yeah, I know…she’s amazing, and as you’ll see through the video, her creativity is mind blowing! Check out these sweet tips on dope ways to add some…

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New Moon in Tarus; Wednesday, April 26th

April 25, 2017

Spring arrives in full swing, blessing the trees, bushes and flower beds with colorful blossoms and scattering dandelions upon the green grasses of Asheville. The soft breeze carries the friendly buzz of carpenter bees and the earthy smell of budding life. The moon begins its next cycle in Taurus on Wednesday. Cumulus, a local astrologer, said Taurus season is a time for nourishment and growth. The astrological year begins with brave, fiery Aries and plants the new seed of the…

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lifestyle Review

Art is Power / Art Is You: Local Asheville Artists Unite

April 18, 2017

Asheville, North Carolina; the beautiful city people come from all different directions to see. Flourishing from Bohemian culture, the souls who’ve built this city seem to be the reason why Asheville can be considered the perfect escape. Yes, we’ve got pretty mountains, historic building structures, great restaurants and beer. But there are some the outsiders seem to over look. The community — our community.The hippies didn’t start the Drummer Circle, but they’ve done well at continuing tradition, as well as most…

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Asheville lifestyle Travel

Asheville Record Store Crawl

March 30, 2017

Asheville is known for it’s dreamy landscapes, dedication to activism and sustainability and its music. Sometimes, while walking downtown, I can feel a rhythm just beneath the street, and I feel an urge to discover music. The locally owned record stores hold a lot of this musical energy, acting as hubs for artistic congregation and hosting live events by underground artists. Many Asheville locals are record collectors, and peeking into this world made me want to be one too. Christina…

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February 26th: New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Pisces

February 21, 2017

So if you don’t know now you know that I’M A PISCES! Yeah, buddy! It’s my season and I couldn’t be anymore thrilled because it’s gonna be the best birthday ever! #1. Because I have a group of lovely ladies that I am more than blessed to call my sisters. #2. BECAUSE THIS NEW MOON IS THE MOST POWERFUL MOON OF THE YEAR! An eclipse is on it’s way and it normally affects the Earth’s electromagnetic field, but it’s going to…

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JAMS 006: Cozy Zine x LIBY: Lively Up Yourself

February 3, 2017

Winter is still here, so we still have excuses to wear sweatsuits and be taken seriously, cuddle instead of go on dates, and wear layers and play up all those color combos of our wildest dreams. In spirit of team Cozy, we are so excited to collaborate with Cozy Zine‘s Pablo Best for JAMS #06, and their first playlist in their Cozy Volume series. This one is an ode to feeling yourself, flaunting your true nature and getting soulful with it —…

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